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Foto Seksi Bohai Artis Marlin Taroreh

Foto Sexy artis Marlin Taroreh models at the Event FHM and Swift GT3

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The letter S in the logo which Suzuki could mean another section. In any presence there is always a Suzuki car that accompanies sexy chick.

As at the launch of Swift GT3. Her show might be mediocre, if in the midst of two events that claimed the most sexy girl by FHM magazine, foto artis Marlin Taroreh and Yuliawati Widijaya not appear.

Wearing a white tanktop that is consistent with Swift GT3 laburan body which is also white, plus a minimalist jeans, the two strolled casually approached Swift GT3. Dapatkan juga video terbaru yang lagi populer

Foto artis Marlin TarorehHowever, steps were not as relaxed as they casually camera shots of the journalists who are simultaneously drawn to two girls who did that section.

Pose after pose even enshrined, foto artis Marlin Taroreh and Yuliawati Widijaya seemed well aware of what poses as in want the image recorder in their surrounding areas.

And it seems Suzuki knew exactly how to create image latest hatchback Swift GT3 in order to really look sexy and sporty, of course, also targeted young people passionately.

The good news, besides the two still a single, Suzuki also keeps its own surprises to the lovers of Swift GT3. Certainly, not far from sexy girls! Just wait for later.

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