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Foto Artis Jill Gladys 'Seksi dan Montok'

Foto artis Jill Gladys: Beft Nando Not Men Dream

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Foto artis Jill Gladys never imagined before if her life would suffer at the end of 2009 yesterday. The new lover in her dating for 2 months would do the persecution. Plus, the man named Beft Nando was a drug user. Dapatkan foto artis hot

"I know the offender is new yes, about 2 months ago. At first we are all fine. We have a special relationship more than friends. At first we did not have any peculiarities of his behavior and I do not know if he was a user , "said foto Jill Gladys met in the Polda Metro Jaya.

Recognized foto Jill Gladys, her boyfriend had a volatile nature. His moods change often and are very sensitive. What are the hopes of Jill Gladys from the beginning, for his Beft can protect even changed completely.

"As it happens here, he's also the same status with me, my status as widower and widow. And when I would decide to be closer to me, the reason he could understand my status and my kids," said the mother of one child.

But unfortunately, Beft not as expected. "Should not he understand my situation. But it was not. He never let me go or the phone with my son. Access to my family is also closed. I can only relate to him alone," she said.

In addition, Jill Gladys's Seksi dan montok work as an artist is also limited. Possessive Beft not let her to work freely. "Many also work that I can not take. It really makes my trauma," said the former boyfriend Delon Idol.

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