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Remote Control Twists and Bends to Switch Channels

Japanese tech company Murata has worked with Kansai University and Mitsui Chemicals to develop a button-free remote control that only requires users to bend and twist the device in various ways to control TVs and other electric appliances.

The device is a prototype called “Leaf Grip Remote Controller,” which pitches for a new line of human-machine interface.

The Leaf Grip features a plate made of piezoelectric films that can detect bending and twisting motions. It also uses pigments to discharge electrons whenever it receives light and comes with a photovoltaic cell that turns light into electricity, making this device run without any need of batteries.

This unique controller can be manipulated in different ways. For instance, bending the plate rapidly or holding one end of the plate and lightly shaking it would turn the device on and off. Bending the plate would turn the volume up or down, while twisting the plate would switch the channels up or down.

Murata plans to showcase this Leaf Grip Remote Controller and other devices based on the new piezoelectric film during the CEATEC Japan 2011 exhibition on October.

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