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Tante girang foto dan video tante girang - Maria. That's my name. Both my parents died in an accident when I was 11 years old. At that time, I was completely alone. Fear and loneliness attacked my heart and mind. The saddest thing is, I never even introduced to or met with relatives of foto tante girang the father or mother. I never asked. So far I only know the father and mother only. And that was more than enough for me. The three of us are very happy.

I do not video tante girang remember how I arrived at the orphanage. Foundation Mother of Erika, I read it on a nameplate on the front entrance of the building. There, many children my age. Their presence made ​​me at least "forgets" to the misfortunes that had just happened foto tante girang to me. No lamapun, I felt that I had found a new home for me. Six months passed.

On a sunny day, foto tante girang we were suddenly awakened by the Mother of Risa, one of the administrators at our place.
"Get up, quick shower, put on your best clothes, after that you should assemble in the hall. We will be the arrival of someone very special, "he said, smiling warmly.
And I asked, "Mother, his special video tante girang guests who the hell? Artist yes? "
"Maybe yes ..", said Lady Risa chuckling.
"Because he is the only son of the owner of this foundation .."

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