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Koleksi Tante Girang Bokingan - Mesum

Koleksi tante girang bokingan - Mesum "Huh ... same man wrote, when I'm there wants, what exactly you wrote in women who approached her again, hhhh ... just wrote with my husband ...." Bu Lily sighed with exasperation.

Oops bu Lily seems more angry at her husband's nie, lest his anger as well as shed Zaki. Zaki replied quickly, "but I promise kok bu, I will really pay off ..."

"Hhhhh ...." Bu Lily sighed, Koleksi tante girang bokingan "udahlah Zack, not okay, not on pay as well if you make do not matter ... Just another mom wrote the same kesel my husband, he's just the same attention Marni continues ... I like not considered anymore , just because Mary is much younger than yes. "

Lily's a little Koleksi tante girang bokingan explanation that bu is the first wife of Pak Kardi, while his second wife Marni bu. And now it looks like Pak Kardi more often lived in his house the other one with bu bu Marni and Lily seem to already start loneliness nie

"Well if family problems Koleksi tante girang bokingan sie bu ... I do not understand. "Zaki said awkwardly

"Zack's okay, Koleksi tante girang bokingan mom just wanted to vent wrote with you ... should not you Zack?" Bu Lily mellow sound. Rather long silence, audible breaths bu Lily feels heavy, and slightly sesunggukan, wow long may cry nie, serious thought dong Zaki.

"Bu already do not worry about it, I'll also pack Kardi back again anyway, my mother is also not the same bu less beautiful Marni," Zaki intends entertaining.

"Ah you Zack ... Koleksi tante girang bokingan emang still beautiful mother think?" Bu Lily looked wistfully toward Zaki, seen two tear running down her cheeks. Uhh .... Zaki feels like to remove the tears, Pak Kardi emang outrageous the beautiful woman like this exquisite dianggurin sie, Zaki could try to do something ... ... Zaki busyet cursing to myself ... "why are so dirty gini gwa brain."

Zaki replied a little nervously, "uh ... uh ... why yes ma'am, the mother was still beautiful, if perhaps I was a girl who first tempted." Uupsss .... Mean heart wanted to entertain, but why are the words that tease that out of the mouth ... Zaki muttered to myself. Koleksi tante girang bokingan Zaki panicked, lest angry words bu Lily Zaki. But Zaki was wrong, because bu Lily smiled, sweet with a row of white teeth and neat, "Zaki ih aja ... entertaining. Yes sie also, if the girl could still be tempted aja, gak ngelirik Pantes my husband wrote me again, his old man bis sie ... "hue bu Lily's face turned sad again," if you think Zack, what the mother emang gak interesting again ...? "While standing tante girang bokingan and watched him stare Zaki then asked for an assessment. Zaki wrote bright increasingly awkward, "oh I want to talk what ya bu ...? Fears later in say presumptuous know ... but if truth be told .... Mom really beautiful, like a still deh 30's. "

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