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For people who like the deep pockets of rich businessmen, celebrities who need peace and quiet in a vacation spot this one suits them. How is the hotel this one was unique because the hotel is located under the sea.

Hidropolis is a luxury hotel scheduled to open in 2009. Hotels under the sea with a number of 220 super deluxe rooms are in Dubai and is located as deep as 20 meters below the ocean. The hotel is one of the world's largest underwater hotel.

Underwater hotel It spent approximately $ 550 million and is divided into three parts. The first section is located on land that serves to welcome the guests who come. The second is a tunnel (tunnel) that serves as an entrance into the hotel guests. And the third is the main hotel complex located within the ocean with 220 super deluxe rooms. The entire land for the hotel under the sea is about 260 hectares.

Also at the top of this hotel 9daratan) equipped with various facilities such as restaurants, laboratory research on the sea, high resolution movies, staff room employees, parking spaces and meeting rooms.

And for security underwater hotel is also equipped with missiles to ward off terrorist attacks. So under the sea this hotel is suitable for who want tenagn because it is safe, comfortable and also expensive. If sampeyan like to stay at this hotel wrote prepare money for $ 1500. Interested!

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