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Foto Upskrit Artis Tasya Djery Emor 'Hot Dan Seksi'

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Upskrit Artis Tasya Djery Emor 'Hot Dan Seksi' Duet With Japanese Star

Adult role in a horror film turns out to leave the impression for a newcomer actress foto Upskrip Tasya Djery Emor. Especially in the first film, Suster Keramas 2, she collided with the role of a Japanese star, Sora Aoi. foto SPG ML di kos yang berdurasi 30 menit itu sungguh hot sekali.

However, not as heralded on Sora Aoi, foto Upskrip artis Tasya Djery Emor turned out to see the other side as a duet with Sora Aoi in a film made by Maxima Pictures. Sora Aoi who at age 18 in the adult film debut in Happy Go Lucky movie that was circulated in July 2002 is very friendly and funny.

"She's pretty, does not look like a porn star who buzzed. Sora is very professional and indeed according to the scenario. But here not too vulgar really, this movie is scary, funny but not pornographic," said fopo Upskrip Tasya Djery Emor hot dan seksi when found in numbers in South Jakarta on Saturday.

And according to the girl who has starred in several soap operas such as Cinta Fitri, Sejuta Cinta Marshanda, Mawar Melati and Nada Nada Cinta turns out Sora Aoi is a figure of fun, especially when a few players like girl to invite communication porn star Maria Ozawa is a class foto Upskrip Tasya Djery Emor hot.

"It's funny that communication, because he could not fluent English so communication is sometimes like Tarzan," she added laughing.

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