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Enaknya Tubuh SPG Belia

Enaknya tubuh spg With a little surprised I was finally rushed to the campus by car in parking lot followed by Milla and Anna behind. Usually Alfi earlier than me to pick up Anna's home course but this time turned out to Anna to come with me, Complex where she lived was in line with rumahku.

Enaknya tubuh spg Sore that Anna was a bit quieter than usual and it appears there was something else that seemed hidden from him. There was expression of anxiety in her face which is sometimes seen through a Enaknya tubuh spg beli small glass in front of my car, sometimes he looked at me sharply as if to say something but after looking at long last he bowed with a long sigh as if to relieve the heavy burden menghimpitnya.

Enaknya tubuh spg "Uh .. slowly dong Mas, later too again like yesterday" Milla suddenly solve the mind that is in my mind.
"Oh yes, yes nyampe've come?", slowly I stopped in front of a boarding-house where kosannya Milla.
"Stop by before Diamond huh? "

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