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Foto profil Dyna Fransisca Biography :

Foto profil Before following the Indonesian Idol, Dyna Fransisca worked as a cafe singer in Palembang. But after it was announced escaped to Jakarta, she decided to resign to be more able to focus and concentrate. The girl whose hobby fishing, cooking, traveling and watching is also very fond of singing. In addition, she also could play a musical instrument piano and learned guitar by self-taught.

Not a few achievements that have been carved foto profil Dyna Fransisca. At first she used to win the local singing competition and had become Bujang girl Lahat in 2005. She is also frequently called upon to fashion shows and modeling in place to grow big. For foto artis Dyna Fransisca, idolized Siti Nurhaliza also does not mean then imitate the style of singing. She considers Siti as a figure of extraordinary women, because in addition to good to hear his voice, her personality also impressed. In her spare time, besides doing her hobby that has been described above, the foto profil Dyna Fransisca is also fond of painting.

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